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When you open the box take the unit and connect the Ac Power Charger and charge the unit for 10 hours in the first time


How do I unlock the screen?

- You press and hold the lock which appears on the screen and you drag it to the right.

I have no internet connection.

- Assure that your service (home or work) is ON and is Wi-Fi enable.

Get Jar is not downloading Apps, what do I do?

-You opt for a different App Store.

What is the maximum capacity of the SD Card slot that can be used?

-The maximum size is 64GB (Gigabyte). Smaller SD Card (2, 4, 8 & 16GB) can be used as well.

Application won’t install?

- Android 4.0.3 ICS is a brand new OS (Operating System). Certain applications have not yet been updated to work on this OS. Please assure that the application which you are downloading is compatible with this OS.

I want to move an icon or widget?

-Press and hold the icon or widget that you are trying to move, drag it to the spot on the screen where you would like it and release it.